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    The Leaders Institute (LI) is a 501 c(3) non-profit leadership development and service organization. LI provides character-based leadership training to elementary, middle and high school students through helping them design and implement community service projects that reflect their passion.


    Founded in 2005, LI serves students in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, and Abroad. LI is led by Stephanie K. Clark, who has been involved in youth development for over 20 years, with an M.S. in Program Management from the University of Maryland College Park.


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    • Student Projects
    • FY20 Annual Report
    • STEM INITATIVES @ S.T.E.M. Vision Leadership Academy 
      • Founder:  Dr. Joseph Williams Jr.
      • Vision: Influencing the world through S.T.E.M. vision
      • Student projects
      • LINKS, which stands for Lessons to Inspire and Nurture Kids in Science, was co-founded by high school students Asha Dees and Alicia Guevara, in partnership with the KID Museum, to bring hands-on science experiments and projects to your home. Because COVID-19 has kept students indoors and away from classrooms, LINKS was designed to “link” curious and creative kids to enriching and educational experiences in the sciences, from making slime and oobleck to constructing Rube-Goldberg Machines and deciphering coded messages! Each section of our website has activities geared towards children of different age groups. We also indicate if any activities need parent supervision or assistance. Check it out at linksonline.org and for more information, feel free to email us at info.LINKS@yahoo.com. You can also follow us on instagram (@linksproject2020) where Irina Fraga will keep you updated on our latest lessons and activities!

  • LI provides an interactive, fun environment in which youth learn leadership skills necessary to be agents of change that impact our community with excellence and integrity.


    •     200   Students Served
    •        18   Service Sites
    •  8,000+ Volunteer Hrs.


    •    142   Students Served
    •      13   Service Sites
    • 5,680+ Volunteer Hrs.

    95% of students served initiate community impact initiatives that creatively address a need within their local community.

    90% of students served execute community impact initiatives with a standard of excellence and integrity that yields repeat requests to serve.


    School-Based Programs

    Raising up students to lead in their schools.



    Community Programs


    Coaching youth for broad impact.





    Providing students with real-world opportunities to lead.





      Training organizations and youth to produce effective community impact.


    • Because of LI

      Administrators report improvement in academic performance, effective leadership in other initiatives at the schools, improvement in the ability to self-advocate, and proof of emotional maturity to modify behavior for academic success and community impact.





      High Schools

      Bethesda-Chevy Chase HS and James Hubert Blake HS

      We partner with schools and Parent Teacher Associations (PTA) to facilitate student-driven leadership clubs to develop the skills and community engagement that colleges and leading corporations look for.

      We help students develop leadership skills through the design and implementation of community impact projects around the world. As a result, student leaders develop a deeper understanding of the world and discover their ability to create meaningful change. Travel, learn and work with an exceptional group of student leaders and program staff to enhance international understanding and foster friendships through educational, cultural and humanitarian activities.

      Godly Leadership School

      We provide a transformative encounter where youth development and marketplace excellence training unites with godly principles. The result is more than a simple exchange; it is students having a spiritual encounter that enables them to live out principles which transform their lives, their spheres of influence and their marketplace.

      Non Profit / Community Organizations

      We believe that effective change occurs from the inside out. We work with non profits and community organizations to host courses within churches, neighborhood recreation and community centers, giving students convenient access to leadership training.


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      Great things are happening every day at LI.


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