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Our Board And CEO

John Mumford, Chairman of the Board

John Mumford is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy of West Point, NY. He served in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Europe for three years, for two tours of duty in Vietnam - first as and Advisor to the Army of South Vietnam and an Area Engineer and later as Management officer for the 143 bases and camps occupied by U.S. Forces. He was awarded the Legion of Merit, the Bronze Star with the Oak Leaf Cluster, and numerous other medals.

John was appointed Project Administrator for the construction of Walt Disney World in Florida, was Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Department of Labor and has assisted more than 100 public and private clients.

John received and MBA from Harvard University.

Nathean Meadows, Board Member

Spending over 10 years of his working career operating and supervising various sports programs and sports retail entities in the UK, Nathean developed a love for serving others and seeing other fulfill their goals through recreational activities.

For 20 summers, Nathean worked as camp counselor, Head Counselor, Assistant Director and Executive Director of Camp Sonshine, one of the nation's largest christian day camps, as well as, the favorite camp for thousands of children and teens of Montgomery, Howard and Prince George counties, to attend each summer. To date, Nathean is still passionate about the mission of Camp of "creating fun memories where children and youth experience God's love."

After serving at Camps Sonshine, Nathean stepped into a new role of IT&Network Services to pursue his passion in technology.

Nathean is an avid sports fan and especially enjoys long-distance running in addition to his first love of playing and coaching soccer. Nathean is a nationally certified soccer and basketball coach in the UK and United States.

This passion for sports has opened up opportunities of international missions work using soccer as a tool to reach the young people of poverty stricken nations such as Mongolia and Bolivia.

Nathean is the proud father of Isaiah Kai who brightens each moment with his infectious attitude, sweet spirit and fun-loving demeanor.

Stephanie Clark, Chief Executive Officer

Stephanie Clark, the founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Leaders Institute, began her work in youth development at Howard University to obtaining a B.S in child development and M.S. in Program Management from the University of Maryland, College Park.

During her course of study, Stephanie discovered the fundamental difference between people who do great things and people who don't. People who do great things think they can. Being the cognitive behavior theorist that she is, Stephanie, along with her husband Bruce, founded the Leaders Institute with the thought "If I can teach and empower kids to do great things early, they will rise to the occasion and change the world." Stephanie did not stop there, she went even further with the thought, "...and if I can teach them the importance of doing the basics of loving God; telling the truth; keeping their word; being kind; caring for themselves; caring for others; and doing those things the very best way that they can, this world would be a better place.