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Whether enrolled in a 12 session course, attending a leadership training workshop, or in one of our specialty programs, students learn:

  • The power of their capacity to change the world.
  • Ethical practices in demand by leading Colleges, Universities and Fortune 500 Companies in the nation.
  • Elements of personal and professional etiquette.
  • Project/program planning and execution skills.
  • Project and team management skills. 

Scoll through this page to discover our programs...


Positioned in schools as a "leadership club," this program helps students identify and lead an improvement/change with their schools. Through the course of the school year, students lead 3-4 projects per year. Meetings are held during lunchtime 2-3 times per week. Each week a different leadership principle is addressed.

For students who want to be change agents within their schools, LI student clubs are the way to go! LI staff serve as mentors to help students be leaders their peers can trust. Through fun and engaging activities, we help students formalize ideas, lead project teams and execute impact projects within their school community.


Student interns are primarily college students who serve as program managers for LI's community-based and school-based programs. Interns choose/create pet projects within their majors and then lead those projects under LI’s Executive Director’s guidance.

We consider interns management staff. Interns gain:

  • Management skills that will cause you to excel in other areas of business;
  • Business experience as you make lasting connections with professionals in a variety of spheres of influence;
  • Marketing and public relations experience as you promote and maintain our organization's platform;
  • Sociology experience as you engage in firsthand community development and assessments;
  • Education experience as you develop and execute a curriculum to meet program goals; and
  • Strategic planning experience to ensure mission outcomes and long-term sustainability. 


We believe that effective change occurs from the inside out. We host courses within churches, neighborhood recreation and community centers giving families convenient access to leadership development for their student. Here is how programs are delivered:

  • 12 Sessions, 2 hours per week 
  • Each session includes one hour of teaching and an hour workgroup where students learn to apply the leadership principles learned and practice professionalism
  • At the end of 12-weeks, students implement a "Capstone Project", which they have planned throughout the program.
  • The Capstone project is usually something a student is passionate about, which is "outside of themselves", and where they learn how to be culturally and communally relevant
  • Students can receive community service hours for participating.


We partner with other youth serving non-profits to bring quality programming to the under-served. Here at LI, regardless of socioeconomic status, ethnicity, physical or cognitive challenges, a student who wants to better themselves and the world around them deserves the opportunity and training to do just that.


Businesses look for leadership qualities they can trust. We work with local corporations to design student internships that boost student resumes, while providing early access to promising recruits.


Student leadership training courses/workshops are a great way to complement youth programs. LI staff conduct specialized workshops on topics including, program management, job readiness training, empowering youth leaders, and developing engaging curricula. We work with clients to assess their needs and customize workshops to meet their objectives.