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The Godly Leadership School

At the Godly Leadership School at the Leaders Institute (LI), we provide a transformative encounter where youth development and marketplace/academic excellence training unites with godly principles. The result is more than a simple exchange; it is students having an encounter with God that enables them to live out principles which transform their lives, their spheres of influence and their marketplace. Our ultimate aim is to perpetuate a brand of leadership that reflects the Kingdom of God, that transforms lives and industries through godly leaders. Godly leaders make the world a better place.

Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is built around four core competencies of godly leadership:

  • The study of mankind: The relationship between God and humanity. (Sep. - Nov.)
  • The Art of Self-Control: The value of discipline. (Dec. - Feb.)
  • Fit to lead: Taking care of our mind, soul and body to function our best for God. (Mar. - May) 
  • Character Counts: Attributes of a godly leader. (June- Aug.)

Our Program

Leadership Classes:  Classes teaching godly leadership principles applied to personal growth/development, marketplace/school excellence, community impact and engagement in a way that is FUN, engaging, energetic and relevant. 

Mentoring Groups: Students are paired with assigned mentors (by age group and gender) to foster candid conversations about managing faith in today’s world.

Guest Speakers:  Students attend special networking and training sessions with industry professionals. 

Service Projects: Students are tasked with applying their leadership training to impact people and the community through student designed service projects.

Meeting Times *Note: Meeting times are changing. Stay tuned for updates as we navigate moving to a hybrid format.

Sep. - May:

  • Leadership Training 2nd Thursday of each month (via Zoom)
  • Community project and design trainings 4th Thursday of each month (via Zoom)


  • Workshops, camps and/or Student Conferences
  • International learn and serve opportunities

Additional Activities:

  • Quarterly: Team Bonding trips or retreats



We communicate in a number of ways with youth and parents. Our primary method of communication is through email.  

Social Media:

To stay up to date on the students’ latest happenings, like us on Facebook @Leaders Inst, follow us on Twitter @LeadersInst, and Instagram

If you do not want us to include your student in social media feeds, let us know and/or be sure to indicate that on the student registration form when you enroll.

Leaders Institute Cell:

The main text line is 716.968.8428. That main number is where youth and parents can call and text at any time. Students and parents are encouraged to add this number to their contact list. Likewise, it is the number where parents and students receive weekly motivational quotes and reminders of important meetings.


We send out texts and announcements to keep both parents and students “in the know” about things that are happening. For our best practices policies and procedures, parents always get a duplicate copy of any and all correspondence between students and staff. 

Fundraising and Activity Fees

There are no activity fees at this time. However, we invite every student and parent to actively participate in our bi-annual fundraising efforts that take place in May and December yearly. We welcome your involvement in creating and organizing fundraising opportunities. Together we are bigger, better, stronger and more equipped to develop godly leaders. Truly, godly leaders make the world a better place.

Our Staff

We strive to create a sense of community that is accepting and welcoming to all; to question, explore and dive deeper into our faith with peers and positive adult role models who can walk that journey of faith with each student.

Stephanie Clark, MS: Executive Director, lead curriculum developer, teacher,

Minister John McCaskill, MA: GLS Superintendent.

Janice Taylor, BS: Elementary education teacher

Patricia Biggs: Parent volunteer; administrator; volunteer coordinator




Sidelle Haynes: Pre-teen girls mentor

David Carty: High-school boys mentor

Tabitha Bullock:  Parent volunteer, fundraising, etiquette and protocol training, high school girls mentor

Patricia Biggs: Parent volunteer; administrator; volunteer coordinator


Main Contact Info.


Executive Director:

Office: 301.655.9679

Cell (call or text): 716.968.8428