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Partners and Sponsors


Be it on a personal or professional basis, the lack of character-driven leadership affects us all. Our solution, character-based leadership training starting with the young. On behalf of the Advisory Board and CEO of the Leaders Institute, we invite you to become a sponsor to develop leaders who uphold a standard of leadership that our nation can trust. We cannot do it alone. We welcome both individual and corporate partners to come along side of us. Together, we are bigger, better and stronger.


Businesses look for leadership qualities they can trust. We work with local corporations to design student internships that boost student resumes, while providing early access to promising recruits. To become a business partner, click here.


We partner with other youth serving non-profits to bring quality programming to the under-served. Here at LI, regardless of socioeconomic status, ethnicity, physical or cognitive challenges, a student who wants to better themselves and the world around them deserves the opportunity and training to do just that. To date, our non-profit partners are;

  • YMCA Youth and Family Services;
  • Latin American Youth Center.

To become a non-profit partner, click here.


We believe that effective change occurs from the inside out. We host courses within churches, neighborhood recreation and community centers giving families convenient access to leadership development for their student.


For our faith community partners, we offer faith-based leadership training for youth through our Godly Leadership School. To view our current course offerings and locations, click here.


To bring a course to your church or community, click here. We are Leaders Institute, empowering change agents to impact their community with excellence and relevance