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The Lazarus Leadership Fellows Program

CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 2022 Lazarus Leadership Fellows!

Congratulations: Trevor Burruss-Tambajang, Delila Demisse, Will Ferigno, Ziza Hernandez, Cary Jalai, Danny Kiley, Amalia Levitin, Anna Liston, Max Posner, Zoe Posner, Olivia Romano, Luli Sabella-Capuano, Lolita Tonle, Sara Torres, BC Winik.

Click here to see what they accomplished and what they learned!


The Lazarus Leadership Fellows Program is named in honor of Julius and Dorothy Lazarus in recognition of their years of service to the children of the Bethesda area. The program is made possible by the generous financial support provided by the Lazarus Foundation and community partners to help prepare 15 high school sophomores and juniors for their citizen leadership responsibilities each year. Since 1997, the Lazarus Fellows have completed more than 68,000 hours of community service.

Interested applicants should apply by the first week in January. The program is in session from February to September of each year. Fellows are selected on the basis of demonstrated academic ability and service to the community. The most important part of the selection process is an essay describing an issue about which the applicant feels passionately enough to devote 200 hours of community service during the summer. The selection committee is made up of business and civic leaders, parents, teachers and former Lazarus Fellows.


Watch a 4 minute video about the Lazarus experience by Travel Television click here

To access the Lazarus 2023 Brochure click here.

To access the Lazarus 2023 Application click here

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