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LI Exec. Receives an "Empowered Woman" Award

LI Executive Director, Stephanie Clark, was honored by #feliciasfund as a recipient of the "Empowered Woman Award" in recognition of her work and success in training youth leaders. Her acceptance speech challenges us all to be the difference we want to see in the world.

"It is with great humility and honor that I accept this ward. Thank you to Felicia's Fund for acknowledging my work and deemed it worthy to be recognized. Thank you to my husband, Bruce Clark, who is the brain child behind my work to establish a brand of youth leaders who are technically excellent and morally responsible.

I must be honoest, I am used to being behind the scene in the trenches teaching students to be people who change the world with excellence and integrity. There is notheing like seeing the wonder in a girls eyes when she realizes she has impacted her community; the amazement when she realizes she has changed into something beautiful that is invincible; the dignity she has gained from refusing to compromise her honor, her integrity, her word.

I am like the seamstress who crafted the beautiful garments you have seen here tonight. You may never see them. All you see is the workmanship and masterpiece of their expertise. And so, I encourage each of you to join me, behind the scenes of Felicia's Fund to help a girl realize her beauty inside and out, to be invincible, a heroin in her own community; help a girl be an example of excellence, honor and integrity that cannot be ignored. And maybe, one day, one of them will be here to receive an award of honor for HER accomplishments.

Thank you all again." Stephanie Clark, Executive Director of the Leaders Institute 

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