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Doing Business with Integrity

As a champion of ethics based leadership, I am always looking for people who do business with integrity. So it is with Julie Kantor, CEO and founder of Twomentor, a company that helps organizations create mentoring cultures to elevate women in STEM careers and drive Millennial retention in most industries. Julie not only talks the talk of women mentoring women but walks the walk: she knows what she is talking about in theory and in practice.

It's just past mid-week and in walks Julie from a nearly 2 week business stent that has kept her out of the office. The "Things To Do" list is long, not to mention the fatigue. After all, she is Julie Kantor CEO of Twomentor.... there are follow ups to make, requests for businesses to fill and contracts to sign. Within minutes of welcoming her back and a brief exchange of business prospects, she says something like, "You have a gold mine of an opportunity. You have to jump on this right away." I couldn't see what she saw in those brief moments. She was right and I knew it but I must admit, on the inside, I was like a "deer in headlights." Before she whisked away to the catacombs of her office, I said "Ok, I'll stop by to get more feedback." 2 hours later, I walked away with one of the most brilliant marketing strategies I have had in a very long time, maybe even ever, and our most catchy piece of literature advertising our product and services. Julie took the time twomentor me.

I first approached Julie with trepidation, trying to be mindful of all that was on her plate. Instead of a hurried response, I was met with, "Hey, sit down! Let's do this." Did she have deliverables...yes. Did she have follow up phone calls to make.....absolutely. But did she have time to live what she teaches.....ABSOLUTELY. That day, I left with a new "pep in my step." I felt encouraged; like a weight had been lifted; wonderfully secure as the future of my leadership training and development organization became a little bit brighter. If Twomentor does this for everyone, sign me up! I am living proof Julie knows what she is talking about and it works! Be on the look out for great things from The Leaders Institute compliments of the Twomentor way.

Author: Stephanie Clark, Executive Director, The Leaders Institute

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